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It´s Love_Sawyer/Ana-Lucia_Fans
Sana community
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26th-May-2011 12:52 pm(no subject)
20 Two For The Road icons for lost_land 20in20

HERE at exclu_silly
18th-Mar-2011 08:06 pm(no subject)
I made a new Sana fanmix! This time it's focused mostly on the jungle lovin' scenes. :)

23rd-Jan-2011 12:02 am - Not strictly Sana related, but...

... if you're still into Lost, join lost_land. It's a community with all kinds of Lost-related challenges and it could always use more Sana and Ana love (you usually can make graphics with/write about your favorite characters and ships). :D Apply here.

And I'm totally going to use this post as an opportunity to ask - is anyone around? :D This community needs more life! ♥
23rd-Dec-2010 06:24 pm - SANA ART

Sawyer/Ana fanart
(all images were made as a gift for dance_the_dance )
HereCollapse )
9th-Dec-2010 06:14 pm - Sana ficlets
Lost - Team Survivors!

Title: Coming Home
Rating: K
Pairings: Sawyer/Ana
Summary: Ana's coming home.

Read Here

Title: The Candidate
Rating: PG13
Character: Ana-Lucia
Summary: AU ficlet - If Ana was in Season 3, she would have been on the list.

Read Here
8th-Dec-2010 10:35 pm - SANA ART!
Lost - Team Survivors!

Sawyer/Ana/Michelle art:

6 icons
2 manips
3 picspams 
2 banner/headers
3 .gifs


5th-Nov-2010 04:09 am - Sana picspam
Sana picspam I made for lost_land. :D

under the cutCollapse )
24th-Aug-2010 01:16 am - Ana Lucia/Sawyer Vids
rain, re, resident evil

I dont update this community in a long long time but i never forgot Sana ^^  

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us
Spirit of Last ChristmasPromo Ana Lucia
Ana,Kate & Sun lost their husbands in a plane crush.Fanmade promo for the final season of Lost
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us
Sexy BitchUndisclosed Desires
How Sawyer can describe Ana Lucia? Ana Lucia and Sawyer are partners in the police, one day they make a deal to help each other to find the men who destroy their lives
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us 
 Theres not place like home  Sawyer presence a car crash with a women involved (Ana Lucia) when Sawyer see her face, begin to remember memories of another life


9th-Jun-2010 03:51 pm(no subject)
20 Sawyer/Ana Lucia icons for couples20in20

more HERE at exclu_silly
17th-Apr-2010 01:25 am(no subject)
Resident Evil: Afterlife: Rain Ocampo
LOST: Season 2 (1-12)


More posted here at rivers_icons
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